A Message from the Director
Welcome to our website!  Feel free to peruse the information to be found here.  If
you live in or near the Mobile, Alabama and Central Gulf Coast area, perhaps
have sung in school or church choirs, or have talent and want to try something
new, I encourage you to consider auditioning your own vocal gifts for us.

Gloria Dei Chorale:

A choral community dedicated to musical excellence, glorifying God,
and serving others through our collective gifts...

This is our mission statement.  However, a mission statement is only as good as its
implementation.  The members of Gloria Dei Chorale give of their time and of
themselves and, in doing so, make this mission statement a reality.  I appreciate
the gifts each member brings to this wonderful group and the work, time and
effort they bring to bear.

You might wonder, before taking the plunge to get involved, about my
philosophy regarding repertoire selection for the chorale, what my expectations
are for the group, and our chorale rehearsals.  With those thoughts in mind, I will
elaborate for a moment on these important points, which certainly influence both
the tone (musical and otherwise) and the cohesiveness of the group.

Repertoire:  I strive to select challenging music that is beautiful and edifying in
terms of text and musical context.  Music has power that can and must lift people
to realms unreachable through any other medium.   While I  occasionally repeat
repertoire or choose to revisit a work because of its appropriateness to an
occasion, generally we perform programs every season featuring repertoire new
to the group.  We have taken great pleasure in performing selections that are not
in the usual concert fare, as well as having had the pleasure of debuting new  
compositions by local composers.   With such a wealth of choices available to
explore together, there are many opportunities to be had to explore the gifts of
our musical heritage.

Rehearsal Philosophy and Expectations:  While the most productive use of
time possible should be exercised in rehearsals, the rehearsal time should be a
pleasure to the singer, as well.  Our singers are all volunteers from the
community.  Bearing this in mind, I believe rehearsals should be something to be
enjoyed by all.  The rehearsal time provides the opportunity to set aside the
cares of the day in a nurturing environment that gives one the chance to achieve
something beyond the everyday routines.  
Singers are expected to spend time
with their music outside of the formal rehearsal learning their parts and lyrics, so
that the time together can be spent refining the performance of the selected

While not just an "arts group," in that we do help local community charities
through our concert giving, we do not believe in compromising the level of
excellence expected in the performance of the music we attempt.   I believe that
a healthy balance must be maintained for the best functioning of the chorale as a
unit, for the growth of the individual singers within the chorale, and for the
overall optimum performance of the concert repertoire.

Join the artistic accomplishment, the fun, and the
esprit de corps that this group
offers.  Please consider this your invitation to audition to become an integral part
of Gloria Dei Chorale and contact us for further information through this website.


Louis F. Daniel
Director, Gloria Dei Chorale
07 April 2015
“Make a joyful noise unto God, all the earth;
sing the glory of his name;
give to him glorious praise.”
Psalm 66:1-2